About Us

Thelmer’s Soda Depot mission is to provide a selection of soda’s that appeal to adults and children. The owners of Thelmer’s Soda Depot have enjoyed sampling soda’s from around the nation and are always on the lookout for new items that might be enjoyable to drink. It is this passion for soda that has drawn us to developing a business around this concept.

Thelmer’s Soda Depot’s product line is extensive. This is due to the volume of niche market sellers of gourmet soda brands that include Boylan’s, GuS, Jones Soda, Steaz, Fizzy Lizzy, Izze, Wild Fruitz, Maine Root Soda, Faygo, Fitz’s, Hank’s, Henry Weinhard’s, Route 66 Malt Shop, Avery, Sprecher Brewery, Thomas Kemper, Virgil’s, Cool Mountain Soda, and Dr. Pepper. Because of the large quantity of items and styles, it is not feasible to stock all these items, however, many of these items can be purchased from Thelmer’s Soda Depot by special order. Certain items are produced under license and this can create situations where we may or may not be able to get them at times, or at all in the future.

Because of the long lead time between ordering and arrival of the goods, Thelmer’s Soda Depot has found that it must concentrate on a limited number of items which suit the targeted market sectors, and to try to keep a stock in these items ready for immediate purchase and delivery

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