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The Return of Kickapoo Joy Juice


After a long absence due to distributor changes we would like to announce that  Kickapoo Joy Juice has returned to our shelves. Those that know it will be happy it has returned, and those that have not tried it yet should do so now.

It has a citrus flavor similar to Mountain Dew or Moon Mist, however those that like drink in this category seem to like Kickapoo better as it has a more clean and natural after-flavor. So into the store, say hi and buy a bottle or two if Kickapoo.   thanks  #joy #juice #party #soda

Reed’s Cherry Ginger Ale

Another new addition to our store is this little jem.

2014-01-25 17.12.17

If you are a fan of ginger ale and would like to try something in that flavor palette then this might just be the item you are looking for. It has been popular so far and promises a hint of cherry in every sip