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The Return of Kickapoo Joy Juice


After a long absence due to distributor changes we would like to announce that  Kickapoo Joy Juice has returned to our shelves. Those that know it will be happy it has returned, and those that have not tried it yet should do so now.

It has a citrus flavor similar to Mountain Dew or Moon Mist, however those that like drink in this category seem to like Kickapoo better as it has a more clean and natural after-flavor. So into the store, say hi and buy a bottle or two if Kickapoo.   thanks  #joy #juice #party #soda

New products in the store

We are happy to bring to you several new items that might be of interest. The first is cane sugar Sprite from south of the border. That’s right, Mexican Sprite. We have a limited supply. If you want some make sure you don’t delay in coming into the store.

The second item we are even more excited about. We are Swanton’s first retailer of a relatively new hot sauce called, Angry Irishman Hot Sauce. It is made regionally in Woodville, Ohio and is extremely flavorful and abundantly spicy. We hope everyone enjoys this sauce as much as we have and if preliminary sales are any indication, this sauce will be gaining popularity quickly.

3 Day Easter Sale

Starting with the store opening on Thursday after noon we will have a 3 day Easter Sale. Any one 6 pack of soda, mix and match will be $10. This is an in store promotion and is limited to one six pack per transaction per visit. This promotion ends at the end of business on Saturday.


We will be closed on Sunday in observance of the Easter Holiday.