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February Flavor of the Month


This month we have selected for the flavor of the month, a new line that recently came into our store. This line would be Route 66 Sodas made by Route 66 Sodas, LLC located right on the original Route 66 in Lebanon, MO. The whole line includes Root Beer, Lime, Black Cherry, Orange and Cream Sodas. At this time we only carry  Root Beer, Lime, Black Cherry and Cream Soda.


All of these exciting flavors are the flavor of the month and should be experienced by our loyal following of sodaphiles.

So stop into the store and pick up your own six pack of these flavors today.

June’s Soda of the Month – Soda Boy Cream Soda

This month we are offering 2 different cream sodas as our flavor of the month. They are Soda Boy Caramel Cream and Soda Boy Strawberry Cream. The flavors are self explanatory. The caramel cream is a popular one with vanilla cream fans and has a rich caramel flavor.

The Soda Boy Beverages company started in St. Joseph, MO over 50 years ago. They are currently being produced by Orca Beverage in Washington State

The return of Bundaberg Ginger Beer

We would like to announce the return of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. We were able to secure a small quantity of this Australian classic. So as long as our supply lasts our ginger ale/beer fans will be able to fill up their tummies.

2014-05-15 16.24.20

Unfortunately this announcement does not include any joy for our friends and fans that love the equally popular Bundaberg Peachee. The supplier we acquired the Ginger Beer from does not carry the entire Bundaberg line.